Sabre Red 360

Upgrade Kit

  • Introduction to Sabre Red 360

    Sabre Red 360 features upgraded technology that gives you access to a new spectrum of bookable content and data insights through a reimagined user experience.

    Your upgrade retains foundational capabilities from SRW2.0 and takes them further than ever, featuring improvements based on customer feedback and technological advancements. Sabre Red 360 is a robust, mature product adopted by users all over the world, and Sabre is investing in continuous future product enhancements, including the extension of the end-to-end graphical and command-driven workflows in anticipation of evolving industry trends.

    New Features

    Different by design, Sabre Red 360 is built on APIs from the Sabre platform, which connects you to rich information, better content, and new merchandising capabilities.

    • -- Air Shopping brings back up to 250 results in a single response, along with advanced qualifiers and filters to get you closer to the best fare, faster.

    • -- Throughout the workflow, you'll find opportunities to sell add-ons, like Air Extras, Branded Fares, and Car Extras.

    • -- Sabre Red 360 gives you first access to the latest technology in the Sabre platform – like New Distribution Capability (NDC) APIs and Content Services for Lodging – coming soon!

    What to Expect

    On the day of your upgrade, you'll be prompted to download new updates. A pop-up will appear in the bottom righthand corner of the Sabre Red 360 as the upgrade downloads. Once the updates are loaded, restarting your application will transform your screen from SRW2.0 to Sabre Red 360. It's that easy.

    Be sure to review the below screen Preference Guide to set up configurations on day one, so you can get right back to work in your new Sabre Red 360.

    View the User Guide ›

    As a reminder, all upgrades to Sabre Red 360 should be completed by 31st December 2020.

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    Learn Technical Requirements

    Sabre Red 360 is a managed client application that is downloaded and installed in a variety of configurations. Sabre’s technical development and quality assurance teams have tested various scenarios to determine recommended hardware specifications for the end user’s workstation.

    An installation of the Sabre Red 360 on a workstation that does not meet these specifications may not function properly and cannot be supported by Sabre.

    Review full technical requirements under Product Release Notes & Related Information > Sabre Red 360 > Technical Requirements on Sabre Central


    Request Test Access

    We recommend choosing a handful of consultants to get to know the new functionality and thoroughly test anything custom to your business, like third party applications, custom scripts, etc. Contact your Sabre representative to request test access.


    Test Unique & New Functionality

    Leave ample time to test any Scripts, Red Apps, integrated systems, and new features.

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    Announce the Upgrade

    Once you've picked an upgrade date, tell your employees loud and clear what to expect. Communicate the upgrade date well in advance and leave ample time for adjustment and training. It’s up to you how you choose to do this - we know you have your own established channels to communicate change. If you choose to use Sabre logos or brand assets in your materials, we ask that you please follow our brand guidelines in the design.

    Sabre Brand Guide ›

    Train Your Agency

    Log in to Sabre Central to get your training on Sabre Red 360 right from your computer. Or sign up to get one of our experts to help you in person during a live webinar. Check out user guides and training videos on this site and on Sabre Central, under "Training."

    Self-Paced Training ›    Instructor-Led Training ›

    Standardize Functions

    Explore updates to your PF Keys, including a new ability to distribute PF Keys and Scripts agency-wide via the Sabre Red App Centre.

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    Still have questions?

    Do you have questions about the steps required to upgrade or about Sabre Red 360 in general? Sign up for an interactive Ask the Experts session to get answers straight from the Sabre team.

  • Training

    Sabre Red 360 Training

    Log in to Sabre Central to get your training on Sabre Red 360 right from your computer. Or sign up to get one of our experts to help you in person during a live webinar. Find user guides and training videos on this site and on Sabre Central, under "Training."

    Shopping & Booking

    Air Shopping

    Air Shopping is a powerful feature in Sabre Red 360. Download this guide to learn how to get the most out of this tool.

    Air Availibility

    Use commands to see Air Availability or Schedules, or access the same functionality graphically through the new Command Helper.

    Fare Quote

    Explore how to search by Fare Quote graphically or through commands.


    Learn pricing tips & tricks in Sabre Red 360.

    Booking Hotels

    Maps, Point of Interest search, rich pictures, descriptive content, and more - only in Sabre Red 360.

    Booking Cars

    Learn new ways to make a car booking - or use the same commands as always.

    Sabre Profiles & PNR

    Export Itineraries/DIX

    Use the DIX command to export an itinerary from a complete PNR.

    Graphical PNR

    With Sabre Red 360, you can easily display your PNR graphically. Download the guide below to find out how!

    Trip Summary

    Trip Summary gives you quick access to vital PNR information, as well as shortcuts to help get you to the next step.

    Access Sabre Profiles

    Learn how to access Sabre Profiles and get a first look at the new User Interface.

    Create a Sabre Profile

    Learn how to create a new Sabre Profile in Sabre Red 360.

    Basics & Getting Started

    Signing In and Out

    Learn the basics of signing in and out of your new Sabre Red 360.

    Password Management Tool

    How to establish security questions for a quick password reset.

    PF Keys

    Learn how to save your PF Keys before you upgrade, create new PF Keys, and use a PF Key to launch a Scribe Script.

    Screen Preferences Guide

    Sabre Red 360 is customizable to fit your needs. Use this handy guide to adjust the appearance, PF Keys and Language.

    Download The Guide
    571 KB (.pdf)

    Screen Layout

    Set split screen view to work side-by-side with other applications you interact with frequently.

    Work Areas

    An introduction to maximizing productivity through work areas.

    Toolbar & Favorites

    Add Red Apps to your Toolbar and set up your Favorites.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    A summary of the most commonly asked questions on Sabre Red 360.

  • Sabre Red 360 Basics

    Take a walk through the basics of getting started with Sabre Red 360.

    Command History and Trip Summary

    Learn all about Command History and Trip Summary , two time-saving new features in Sabre Red 360.

    Copy & Paste

    Learn the latest shortcuts and tricks about copying and pasting information from Sabre Red 360.

    New PF Keys

    Learn how to save PF Keys and how to configure a PF Key to launch a Scribe Script.

    Hardware Requirements

    Watch this video for an overview of hardware requirements.

    Testing Process

    Learn which integrated systems to test for compatibility prior to upgrading.

    Sabre Red 360 Demo

    Learn how to shop and book in Sabre Red 360.